Friday, August 22, 2014

My Physical Therapist Says Part 6

I asked my PT what others living with TOS should look for in a physical therapist. He said no one else is going to do things exactly the way he is treating my TOS issues because everyone has different training and approaches. However,  if you look for a physical therapist who focuses on head and neck injury/trauma, that should be a good place to find someone knowledgeable about TOS. A main source my PT utilizes is the book Explain Pain, Butler, Moseley and information by noigroup.

Standing behind me, poking around my neck (cervial rib), shoulder area, PT commented-
"Your tissues have changed."
With a quizzical look on my face, I asked what that means.
Response-"When you first started coming here here I would just barely touch you here and get a response, it didn't take much. But your tissues have changed; the tone is much better, because you've been doing alot of different things to affect that change."

I mentioned to my PT about my daughters resistance to trying physical therapy (even though she really needs to). Response, "Well, I'm glad you're on board. You are in a good place to say to people living with TOS, "Hey, there's CAN get better."