Friday, September 26, 2014

My Physical Therapist Said - Part 8

How often have you thought you would love to detach one or both of your arms because they hurt so much you just can't stand it any more?

I told my PT about having increased arm pain at a recent appoitment.
I mentined that my daughter and I think it would be great to work on getting a patent for 'the detachable arm.' But I also realise it is quite possible to detach your arm and still feel the arm pain.

My physical therapist said, "Now you're getting into the concepts of pain and the brain in Explain Pain!"
I told him I remembered an episode of House where a man felt excruciating pain in his amputated arm, and the good doctor fixed it by sticking both arms in a box with a miror so he could see both hands clench his fist and release. The brain got the message and his pain was relieved. Pretty cool.

There are elements of this that may apply to those of us living with TOS.
We get set up in a cycle of pain, expecting pain, being used to the pain.
How much of that is our brain being addicted to giving us pain signals, and how much is actual physical distress? The answer to that is very indivdual, each TOSer has a variation of things going on with their symptoms. But I think it is worth thinking about how much of the pain we attribute to TOS is actually from a physical cause, and how much of our 'TOS pain' may be of another nature; ie, our brain controlling the show and overreacting.
It's something to think about.

Don't hang in there & gentle hugs~