Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Physical Therapist Says Part 10

I have one more P.T. appointment in a couple weeks, then I'm on my own for a while. I can't lie, I'm a little anxious about that.
Words fail me to adequately express how much I have appreciated the understanding, knowledge and approach of my P.T.
After a few BAD rounds with therapy over the years, I walked into P.T. nine months ago very guarded, but desperate for change.
My main hurdle was, and continues to be, in my mind.
For example, I had a pain flareup last week that reminded me of the godawful pain I had most of the time a year ago, and it was discouraging.
I thought I was stronger, and better, but there it was screaming at me, messing with my head. I forget that I spent years being angry and inactive because of the pain. I get impatient and want things to progress faster, but things have come a long way, and for that I'm very thankful!!
So, I have been thinking about how I can keep my motivation going since I won't be going to P.T. Going backward is not an option, especially after that pain attack last week.

So I decided to face a fear of mine and I joined a gym. *shudder*

It's whole new, foreign, scary world for me.

P.T. guy said this is a good thing for me to transition to, that I should work on lots of cardio, treadmill, bike, eliptical (but be careful with the arm piece), and lots of leg work.
NO ARM MACHINES for a while.
This will challenge the nervous system in new ways than what I've been doing.

I'm supposed to keep doing my regular arm glide stuff, and also work on core stability, on a Bosu Balance Ball at the gym, or sitting/balancing on my exercise ball at home-no touching hands and feet.

P.T. believes after several months of working on this at the gym on my own, I should be in a position where I am strong enough to tolerate revisiting P.T. and he can then work on challenging the nerve and working toward making more progress in desensitizing and reducing the flarup potential.

So, I have a new little TOS mountain to climb on my journey, one step at a time. The view from this part of the journey is much better than back where I was just ten months ago. So, I'm hopeful, and I'm moving forward, even if it is a bit uphill.

Just this week I heard someone say that on our life journey, there will be different people along the way at different times. I'm grateful beyond words for the people who have been with me on my journey this past year. My heart overflows.

Gentle hugs~