Wednesday, December 31, 2014

TOS Resolutions for the New Year

* An MRI, to see what's going on since rib resection back in 2008, since my daughters rib entirely regrew and I continue to have nerve/muscle issues.

*Flouroscopy guided injection into spine, C4, to see if that helps

*Try acupuncture

*Work on core strength and stability at the gym, continue with physical therapy for upper body at home

*Meet more of my fellow TOSers, hopefully for a 5K walk/run

*Continue to tweak the TOS diet, more green smoothies, fish, etc...

*Essential oils-research, try.

*Try Biofeedback

*Figure out better, ergonomic seating options, especially for time on computer

*Keep diggin' into this TOS thing, learn more, understand

*Kick TOS in the butt

*Share my journey and encourage my fellow TOSers that even though the pain can be horrible, life can still be good.

*Live well!!