Friday, January 16, 2015

My Physical Therapist Said - Part 11

"Be in your own world while you're at the gym-work your program, don't be pressured."

"Have fun.  It’s work so expect it.  
When you need to recover - it’s ok. 
Remember, the turtle wins the race.
This is a continuation of a life change.  
You’ve done great work and will continue!"

~ ~ ~

I'm sure gona miss those pep talks.  
I'm very grateful for the help my P.T. has given me this past year.

I'd given up on physical therapy being helpful after all the awful torture other therapists put me through. 
I hope after following my journey in physical therapy this past year, that you are encouraged to give p.t. a try- or try again, try some more, with someone who knows neck and arm issues.

Always listen to your own intuition; if something isn't working- stop.
But don't stop trying.

It's hard to believe when you're battling pain, but it can get better.
Start small, each day builds on the next, do what you need to do for you.
Find support, ask for help, decide to stick up for yourself.
TOS is a bum deal, but you can chose to live as well as possible with it.

Gentle hugs~