Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Time for a TOS life update

Hello fellow TOSers!
I have not blogged about my journey with TOS much this year.
I went back to work the beginning of 2015, and over the past six months have worked at trying to adapt the work setting to accommodate my TOS issues - to no avial.
Just recently I threw up the white flag and gave up trying...with this particular job (office work).
I am not deterred from continuing to try to find something that I can do, as I still feel I have a lot to offer and can be a productive employee.
As you all know, finding just the right job that won't aggravate TOS symptoms is quite a challenge.
Never the less, I forge ahead!

I am back in physical therapy just this week, after several months away.
I must confess, with the attention I've been paying to my job, I have totally slacked off on the exercises I'm supposed to be doing at home...and as predicted, had a huge flareup just a week ago.
Nothing motivates me to get back to staying ontop of doing my exercises and regimen that works for me to keep symptoms as low as possible like having a flareup of pain knock me on my ---!

Thoughts of applying for disability have floated through my mind.
For now, the mountain of looking for work is one I can face.
The mountain of trying to get disability I'm not prepared to climb just yet.

Gentle hugs,