Sunday, January 10, 2016

Not much new TOS-wise

I have gone back to work part time, and experience flareups of TOS nervy pain I'd say a few times per week.

My discipline of doing p.t. stretches at home and sticking to an anti-inflammation diet went out the window several months ago. Therefore, more symptoms have been cropping up over the last few months, at an increasing rate.

You would think that since I've lived through these TOS issues for so long, and then found what worked to reduce my symptoms, that I'd just go back to doing what I know to do-right?!
Except it's not so easy...the discipline...doing the no-fun, painful stretches when I could curl up with a book or bake something. Sticking to the diet that had me 20+ lbs lighter than I currently am (and feeling so much better)...why not *just* go back to that?

I suppose I've been choosing the easier route, casting aside discipline, indulging myself in carbs and Netflix marathon days because it has felt mentally too stressful to stick to the highly methodical way of living that had proven helpful. Dealing with some personal life issues left me drained of the will-power to keep juggling so many things.
I just wanted to let my guard down. Relax.

That was six months ago.
Old habits are back, along with old aching pains.
TOS does not care if I need a mental break from its constant nagging.
TOS does not care if I don't want to carry its baggage anymore.
TOS is with me, and the more I try to ignore it, the louder it screams for attention.

So pay attention I must.
By deciding to get back to what I've learned works for me.
Stretching. Staying active. Enough sleep. Clean diet, low carb, less caffiene.
Giving. Finding fun and joy, having dreams, moving forward instead of parking in one place (the recliner).

Here's to a better 2016 for all my fellow day at a time!

Gentle hugs~