Monday, May 25, 2009

The devil is in the details

Details to follow that would probably only interest a fellow TOS patient...

Tomorrow will be exactly 6 weeks postop for me.
My neck-scalene muscle cramps up into my ear, jaw and upper back,
Right side of chst still aches
Jabber pains in my arm, knife in upper back, end of shoulder still feels different...frozenish, knotted.
Even had a few tingly jabby pains in my pinky & ring finger earlier.
Drove a whole half hour to town today...feelin it now too.
Sore. Though only pain meds once today-otc.
Really thought by now I'd be more back to my old self...doing more, with less pain.
Ready to see the doc this week and see what he has to say.
Not much of an update, same ol' same ol'.
Thats the scoop.


my8desiderata said...

you have a nice blog. informative one.

RosalieG said...

Well we need the prayer enforcers out for you. You need to heal girl!.

~Robin said...

i appreciate your thoughts, well wishes and comments more than you know:)