Thursday, May 21, 2009

The ripple effects keep on going

I have gained enough weight over the last 6 sedentary pain pill laden months that none of my clothes fit.

I couldn't take it any more and put all the clothes I cant wear right now away and got just enough 'fat clothes' to get my by for 2-3 months until I can loose this flub.

And I have been a little more active recently.
Though every night i realize I've overdone it and I hurt all over.
Especially right in my incision (armpit) and in my back where the rib used to be...up high. Slight arm ache.

Funny thing I'm noticing is I cant fully yawn, a muscle in my neck kicks in and does something in my jaw that stops me, also into my ear there is pain.
and It hurts all the way down my arm into my hand if I sneeze of inhale deep really fast...hurts.

The weight I've gained is not doing me ANY favors due to a heavier 'chest'....very big problem for women with TOS.
So ready or not, time to get moving (somehow), and stop snacking so much, and get the weight off!

One week till doc visit, really interested in what he has to say to me about how im doing, if there will be phys therapy...?
Thats the update folks.