Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Driving, sleeping and mowing-oh my!

So true to my post yesterday, I drove the two miles to town last night.
Driving did make me slightly uncomfortable as it was windy out.
I forgot how much driving, even driving a car with easy steering, can make your arms & upper back flare up. I do wonder if its the stress from driving in combination with engaging the arm muscles that cause a problem for TOS patients.
TOS folks do seem to be more sensitive to stress than most folks, causing pain in our neck/arms/ upper back. I wonder why?

Anyhow, I also did sleep the night through in my own bed...ah, it was nice in one respect, yet this morning my arm is aching and the knife in my back..well, its there.

Yesterday after I posted I did wind up having to take meds 3x, my back up high-I assume where the rib was cut away, was killing me.
I tried to stay busy as a distraction to the discomfort.
Baked a cake. Did lots of dishes.
Wound up hurting more. Took more pills.
Im concerned taking so much pain reliever is not good for me.
Whats the choice?
Need to talk to doc about that next week.

Today, neck into ear pain is slightly there-it wasnt yesterday.
Mostly arm is just hurting, like someone is pulling a nerve through my arm from my shoulder to my hand. Pinchy stabby achey.
So fun.
Right breast kills, so sore all the way to the chest bone.
Hurts to put my arm all the way down and my underarm to touch my side still.
Shoulder muscle still has a hang up, wont let me get my arm all the way up, hurts alot when I try.

Today I look out the window of the farmhouse here where we live and I sigh.
I sure do miss mowing.
Crazy, yeah, but it was always time alone with my thoughts.

I've had some good talks with God, or with myself, over the years while mowing.
I sure wish I could just go jump on the ol' mower and have a god talk today.
I could use a good talkin'.