Friday, January 18, 2013

TOS in the news...

Ah, guitar playing...another personal casualty of my TOS. I hope the guy in the following article does well postop and can play again like he expects. 
I've downgraded my own guitar playing ambitions to possibly the Ukelele...just under consideration. Think that'd work or would the looking down while learning be asking for flare up trouble? Sure looks like fun.
In the following article link, we have yet another post about one of the many sports figures cropping up with TOS. The bulk of the TOS news articles online seem to surround folks with sports issues lately.  Am I the only TOSer who is annoyed that TOS is given more attention because of high profile sport players and not because average everyday people have experienced the same symptoms and deserve to be taken seriously?
I wonder how many sports players get 'the TOS run around' that the rest of us get to experience?
I do, however; wish Mr. McQuaid a complete recovery, and wonderful life.