Sunday, February 2, 2014

TOS Diet- Days 1 and 2

 Day 1-
I'm weaning down off my regular large cup of strong coffee, in small increments.
Today I had a small cup of regular coffee, and then green tea after that during the day. Green tea is anti-inflam, and I do like it, so I'm making the switch.

I won't bore you with every tiny detail of what I'm eating, but I am writing it all down.
Had a quart of smoothie today. For dinner I poached some chicken in water, then added herbs to season and boiled a bag of frozen cauliflower then blended it up with a little salt and olive oil, was very smooth and yummy.
After dinner, I was VERY bloated. Need Gas-Ex.
Still feeling affects of last weeks nerve pain flareup in my neck and upper back, but arm is better, pain level 1-2 unless I fold laundry or try to shovel snow off the steps-then I'm throbbing.

Day 2-
Feeling good, pain started out at a 1-but it was a lazy, snowed-in day. Doing a lot of reading.
No coffee this morning, just caffeinated green tea with my Ezekiel Bread raisin toast.
The coffee withdrawal headache hit me about 3pm. I had some decaf coffee and it made the headache worse.
Had another quart of smoothie today.
I've had the munchies today. I am telling myself I can have anything I want as long as it is anti-inflammatory foods, so I had a few squares of 72% dark chocolate(approved in The Diet for a Pain Free Life book). After eating it I felt a little sick. Maybe green smoothie and chocolate does not mix so well?

Trying to drink more water. I'm going to get out an old Gatorade bottle and fill it daily as my water goal. That's 32 oz, an improvement for me. I hate to make myself drink water when I'm not feeling thirsty, makes me gaggy. I'll try adding cucumber or fruit to it-no sweetener though.
Day is winding down now, pains at a 2-3, which happens most days-gets worse as I go through the day.

Found this article about eating anti-inflam foods on Pinterest, a great article to read, leaves me feeling hopeful anyway.

Gentle hugs~